Godse is confident of her work so far!

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New Delhi, April 21 -- A debut in Bollywood with filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar's National Award-winning film Fashion(2008) was a great launchpad for actor Mugdha Godse. However, after that, things have not been smooth for the model-turned-actor.

Talking about how she managed to make the most of what she was offered, she says, "When you start with a big film like Fashion, your career graph has to always go higher. I set the bar high with my first film, to keep up with it got difficult. Not just me, it is tough for a lot of people to keep the success chart going higher."

Godse is confident of her work so far and says, "I don't think my graph went down after Fashion. I did a lot of films but destiny offers only a few good things. I don't think the choices I made were wrong. It is not always in the actor's hands."

After eight years in the industry, the 29-year-old is content with her career and prefers to have a positive perception about everything."I see young actors coming in and they disappear after two films. But at least people know me even after eight years. People still want to work with me and I see this as a positive point," she says.