Monica Dogra to play a journalist onscreen!

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New Delhi, April 16 -- Actor Monica Dogra is looking forward to her upcoming film, an Indo-American project, in which she plays a news anchor.

"I am really excited about this one. The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim is a film loosely based on true events. It is a tongue-in-cheek look at morality in law and order and the painful truth of religious and cultural prejudices rampant in the West," says Dogra.

Talking about her role in the film, being directed by Raghav Murali, the 32-yearold adds, "I play a character named Sabrina Jiwan who tries to mean business, but gets a little extra attention from the men she works with. It's funny, emotional, and curious." Dogra will be seen alongside actor Rahsaan Islam in the film.

Besides the film being "fun and different," the fact that it was premiered at Los Angeles recently, made it more special for Monica. "I've been traveling a lot to LA for work and consider it a home away from home. I couldn't wait to share my film with my LA family and branch out from there globally. It's a film that will speak to a world audience and open up dialogue about racism and a terrorism obsessed news culture that could be doing more harm than good," says the actor.

Interestingly, the film treats the serious subject of jihad in a not-so-serious way. And the actor assures us that "it will motivate people to think before they get carried away by the noise" about various subjects.