Director Milind Dhaimade: We always found angels coming to our rescue..

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New Delhi, Oct. 6 -- Milind Dhaimade's directorial debut, Tu Hai Mera Sunday, tells the story of five amateur football players and their struggles in Mumbai. 
The film had its world premiere at the 60th BFI London Film Festival and premiered in India at the Jio MAMI 18th edition in 2016.
Produced by Varun Shah and written and directed by Milind, it's the result of two talented outsiders making a film on their own terms. Varun is a graduate of the prestigious New York Film Academy, and Milind worked in theatre and advertising before writing scripts.
Milind says, "We were well versed in the craft of filmmaking, but knew very little about the journey. It's been a tough, gruelling ride, but we always found angels coming to our rescue, which also includes this amazing cast that has stuck with us."
Varun says, "Milind and I are a strong team. The biggest challenge for me was putting together a talented ensemble cast so the characters feel authentic, and packaging the film right in terms of commercial requirements, to ensure that it gets the release it deserves. We've received a fantastic response at [global] film fests, so we're also releasing in the US, Singapore and Taiwan on the same day."