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Milan Luthria: Shoot at site!

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Mumbai, May 8 -- For his upcoming film, director Milan Luthria will shooting at a place not many film-makers have explored before.

The "young love story" will see him filming the project in Jammu, and that too, on real locations.    

"I don't want to shoot this film on a set. When you go for real locations, you bring in the colour, atmosphere and vibrancy of the place too, which can't be replicated on a set," says Luthria, who will soon leave for a recce of the locations in Jammu.    

He adds, "My team has already done the first round of recce. Now, I have to go and finalise the exact locations. Also, I have heard that the crowd control becomes a challenge in such locations, so I am going to meet the authorities to sort things out."    

Talking about the cast of his film, he says, "The film will have established actors. It's fiery material and needs top notch performers."