Milan Luthria conducted look tests for a truck!

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Mumbai, Aug. 23 -- Milan Luthria, the director of Baadshaho was shown as many as 20 heavy duty vehicles to choose from, for his requirement of an armoured truck. 
However, he had his specifications - the shape had to be aspirational for children and at the same time rugged, like in war movies. After many garage and vehicle supplier visits, the popular Shaktiman truck was zeroed in on. However, the shape of the truck would be modified.
Production designer Shashank Tere got into designing the details immediately whereas the German action-director Ramazan Bulut got into the technical aspects as to how it would be modified for action chases keeping in mind the safety of the actors. Another important feature of the truck is the lock and the heavy metal door at the back.
Talking about it, Milan says, "The designs were selected carefully as it couldn't look too modern. What followed next was the colour of the truck. The truck was painted four times before Milan approved the right shade of green. It had to be a shade that went with the hue of the film, which is rustic and raw. Till the end of the first schedule there was a lot of back and forth as the modifications had to be perfect to do justice to the character its playing in the film. It finally became our first poster and the seventh character."
He jokes, adding, "Our eye for detail has won us National Awards for make-up and costume in The Dirty Picture (2011). This time, all the focus was on the truck."