Luthria drops film on Aarushi

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Mumbai, Nov. 27 -- On Monday (November 25), a Ghaziabad court found dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar guilty of the murder of their 14-year-old daughter, Aarushi. The 2008 incident shook the nation, and even now, post-verdict, opinions remain polarised and the details of the case remain murky.    

As a result, film-maker Milan Luthria, who, just a month back, announced that his next film would be based on the Aarushi murder case, has now dropped the idea completely. When contacted, Milan says, "I'm taking the film off the table. I won't be making it now. It's stirring up strong emotions, and I don't want to trivialise it (the issue). I'd rather let it be.    There is enough pain, drama and questions anyway."

In recent times, movies have been made on the Jessica Lal murder case (No One Killed Jessica; 2011) and the Neeraj Grover murder case (Not a Love Story; 2011). So it was only natural for Bollywood to be keeping a keen eye on the Aarushi case.    

Another writer-director, Manish Gupta (he wrote Sarkar; 2005), also announced a film, Rahasya, based on the case. This film is still believed to be on track, with Manish having signed actors Tisca Chopra, Aashish Vidyarthi and Sakshi Sem as the lead cast.    

However, Milan has chosen to be more circumspect. He says, "While discussing it (the idea for the film) with friends, family and my creative team, we all felt we shouldn't (make it). I can't put my finger on how we came to this decision, but there were too many nos and not a lot of yes-es."

However, Milan clarifies that his decision had nothing with do with another project on similar on the same subject.    "That wouldn't have stopped me. I have a certain sensibility in my work...and responsibility for what I've done. I find that this (case) isn't something that makes me comfortable. Whoever else is doing it, good luck to them," he says.