Mika Singh throws a party!

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New Delhi, July 27 -- Singer Mika Singh, who is currently mentoring a team of aspiring singers on a reality show, takes extra care of the contestants. The 38-year-old is so impressed with the hard work his team puts in every day that he threw a small party for them recently.

"Mika is doing everything he can to encourage his team and de-stress them. He feels that this will help them give their best performances on the show," says a source, adding, "He treated this entire team to lunch recently. This was his way of appreciating all the hard work they put in and to make sure they unwind too, amid all the hectic preparation."

Mika, who is very close to his team, confirms the news, adding that he likes to spend time with his team. "For me, they are not just contestants. I am coaching them and they are my responsibility in every way. I make sure that they are content with my mentoring, and otherwise as well," he says.