Mika Singh abuses the media!

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

The singer, who is famous for his super songs and gutter mouth, has once again managed to create a controversy! This time, he’s touched an all new low, calling the media people ch*&@as!

All this took place at the trailer launch of Hey Bro, and Mika was one of the VIP guests. As the media was setting up their cameras and equipment, they realized that their mike was not working!

Mika waited for a while and then asked a media personnel to hand over the mike to him. He then said, wait for it… “Sab ch**yon ko awaaz aa rahi hai?”

Wow! And that’s not it! On stage, he continued his arrogant behaviour by saying: “Agar koi galti ho gayi ho, toh mujhse haath jodke ke aap sab log maafi maang lena.”

Well, Mika, we don’t think that a great voice can make up for arrogance and disrespect!