Masumeh Makhija never aimed at becoming a big star..

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New Delhi, March 13 -- Masumeh Makhija was just eleven when she did an episode of the popular TV show Banegi Apni Baat. 

Since then, the actor has done many shows and films. However, there was a phase when she decided to take a sabbatical because she was not happy with the roles being offered. 

Her last movie was Saas Bahu Aur Sensex (2011), and now after a hiatus, she is back on the big screen with Arjun Mukerjee's 3 Storeys that also stars Richa Chadha, Renuka Shahane, Sharman Joshi, among others. 

"After Saas Bahu Aur Sensex, I wasn't comfortable doing the kind of films [or roles] that were coming my way. But then, how many times you can say no to offers? Then I left the country and decided to explore more and did a German and an Italian film. I also started my own company that produces content for different brands with a friend," she shares. 

The actor adds that creating content in a way helps her in expressing her mind. 

"I am a creative person, who needs a platform to express, and through my company, I am able to do just that. I never aimed at becoming a big star, rule the industry and all of that. For me, whatever little work I do, I should feel proud of it," says the actor. 

According to Masumeh, 3 Storeys was the right project to make her comeback: "I could easily connect with my character. It had a lot of dimensions. I could feel her pain and how she craves for freedom and angst. I could see a little bit of myself in her except for the fact that she was a bit quiet unlike me. Also, I am a happy person. There was so much for me to explore while playing this role."