Manoj: No qalms about being a part of commercial films!

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New Delhi, Feb. 19 -- If there is an actor who has managed to successfully strike a balance between commercial and parallel films, it has to be Manoj Bajpayee. 
We ask the 48-year-old actor how he balances a career between the two kinds of cinema, and Manoj says, "I must tell you - the commercial films I do, the extreme ones, I do them only because of the relationship I share with the producer or director of that film." 
He adds, "I don't have any qualms being associated with commercial cinema. You just have to be differently trained to be in those films. As an actor, I like that." 
Manoj's psychological thriller, In the Shadows (Gali Guliyan), which is yet to be released in India, has been appreciated at international film festivals. 
"I'll be very happy if producers of my films such as these recover their money. Because then, they can produce another film like this," he says.