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Work comes first for Manish Paul!

Boxoffice Results

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New Delhi, March 21 -- Family obligations are important for everyone, but actor Manish Paul is a thorough professional when it comes to keeping up with his work commitments.

The actor was recently invited to be a guest on an ongoing television show. Even though Manish's aunt passed away the same day, the 33-year-old did not miss the shoot. "Manish's bua passed away the same day when he was supposed to shoot for the show.

However, since Manish had already committed that he would come for the show, he decided to complete the shoot and then proceed to his aunt's funeral in Delhi," says a source, close to the actor.

The actor did not want to inconvenience the makers of the show in any way and this was why he decided to go ahead with the shoot. "Unfortunately, I was in a situation where I had to delay being by my family's side. But since I had already made a professional commitment, I didn't want to leave the makers in a lurch. This is why I decided to do both," says Manish.