For my kids, I go on a 9 to 5 job and come back: Maniesh Paul

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New Delhi, Sept. 22 -- Actor Maniesh Paul might be one of the busiest stars on television today, but he makes sure that he doesn't lose out on spending quality time with his kids, Saisha (6) and Yuvaan (1).
"When I am not in the city, I can't help it, but when I am, I am always enjoying with my family, and make it a point to be present at every school event," he says.
Maniesh's son Yuvaan, who turned one in June this year, is also keeping the actor on his toes. "He's got my energies, man! A restless soul, he loves to jump around. He enjoys music too, toh bahut hi zyaada mere jaisa hai (he's quite like me)."
The actor adds that he loves to pamper his kids. "My wife [Sanyukta] gets angry with me at times, but I know when to put my foot down. For them, their dad goes on a 9 to 5 job to his office and comes back," says Maniesh.
He adds, "My daughter doesn't have a clue why so many people come up to her father for selfies and autographs."
While channels are lining up to sign the actor-famous for his wit and zany sense of humour-as host for their reality shows, the 39-year-old tells us what it is that keeps him grounded despite being successful. 
He says, "I still don't know if I am a star or not. Owning a big car or house is nothing. People meeting with me with a big smile - that's my earning. I still meet people who were there with me when I was a nobody."