Expensive clothes don't make you look stylish: Manish Paul

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New Delhi, Dec. 6 -- Actor-host Maniesh Paul is one of the most popular faces on Indian television. The 39-year old, who is gearing up for the Delhi leg of his concert tour featuring Salman Khan, is known as much for his quick wit and humour on stage as for his quirky sartorial choices. 
While Maniesh always aims to be on top of his fashion game, he isn't too bothered by what he should wear. 
"I just be myself, and people consider me stylish. I try to incorporate a lot of fun in whatever I choose. What is most important is to be yourself. It's a misconception that looking good is everything," says Maniesh, who has been a part of TV shows such as Chhoona Hai Aasmaan and Ghost Bana Dost. 
People often assume that in order to ape their favourite celebrities,they need to splurge on expensive clothes. 
"This is not true at all, that wearing high-end clothes will automatically transform you. It's all about your etiquette. Style is a mixture of a lot of things," says Maniesh, who was recently awarded for being the most stylish host on television. 
He adds, "You have to be equally beautiful inside as you appear outside. When that happens, one can even look good in a T-shirt and shorts. Also, confidence matters a lot."