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Brad Pitt inspires Manish Paul!

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TV anchor-turned-actor Manish Paul revamped his physique for his Bollywood debut, Mickey Virus, by losing 14 kg. Manish believes that your diet is more important than working out if you want to get fit the healthy way.

“People think ki abs sirf machine se bante hai (that exercising with the help of machines can only help you build abs). But, workout only contributes 30 per cent and 70 per cent depends on your diet. I was eating boiled food — vegetables and chicken — and was off salt, sweets and carbs. Also, I slept for eight hours every day,” says the actor.

But that doesn’t mean you skimp on working out. “I did weights and cardio regularlarly,” says Manish, who is inspired by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. “I gave my trainer a photo of Brad Pitt and he trained me accordingly. The result was quite close to that picture,” he adds.