Manish Malhotra: 'Collection for a cause!'

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New Delhi, April 14 -- He has dressed almost every star in the film industry and continues to headline major fashion weeks across the country. Yet, ace designer Manish Malhotra always manages to stir up something fresh that takes his love for fashion forward.    

One project of the designer is his association with The Mijwan Welfare Society, which extols the art of design for a good cause. "Mijwan is a village in Azamgarh, UP. Late legendary poet Kaifi Azmi started this little dream of empowerment of women in this village which his daughter, actor Shabana Azmi, took forward. I took over the NGO three years ago. It started from 40 women and now we have 150 women workers. Fabrics and designs go from my work studio, and then they do the chikankari hand thread embroidery. It then comes back to me and goes through the process of bleaching, dying etc. After that, it becomes a garment," Malhotra told us.

Awadhi influence with old-world Mughal charm defines his latest collection, which includes lehengas, kalidars, and more for women, and sherwanis for men. The collection launches today at the designer's flagship haveli store at Ambawatta One in Mehrauli, behind Qutub Minar.    

Earlier this month, the Men for Mijwan show featuring these creations took over the runway in Mumbai, where actors Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Farhan Akhtar, Ranbir Kapoor and Siddharth Malhotra walked.

"We've had 20 celebrities walk each year. But this time, I got just 5 distinguished men with unique style to walk, and promote women empowerment in rural India. The show got a standing ovation and everyone was throwing flowers - truly an overwhelming and unforgettable show for me," Malhotra said.