Mandira Bedi to go on a wellness world tour..

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Mumbai, March 17 -- Actor and fitness icon Mandira Bedi is popular on social media platforms as she keeps sharing inspiring messages with her fans and followers on these platforms. 


She also shares videos showcasing her exercise regime as she likes to share her power workouts with her fans and keep them updated with her pictures - be it in a bikini or with her family on vacation. 


After looking at her social media reach and influence, a wellness brand approached Mandira to go on a tour with them to various countries and motivate people. 


"Mandira will be touring six countries in a year and attend wellness and motivational seminars for working women and college students. She will also inspire and guide mothers worldwide and talk about the conceptfamily fitness begins with the fit mind and body of the woman of the house," says a source. 


Mandira became a role model for millions of women when she lost 22kgs within a year after she delivered her son. 


"She will also share a workout routine for the body and mind and even suggest changes in diet for the busy woman to help boost their dopamine and serotonin hormones," adds the source. Mandira will start her tour post June. 


The actor will also be seen in the Prabhas-starrer Saaho, a web series and two short films this year.