It's summer: Celebrity beauty tips for glowing skin!

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Mumbai, April 7 -- Here is how these divas maintain their flawless skin with natural elements.


That effective skincare always involves an elaborate ritual or expensive products is nothing but a myth.


Ask the popular divas of the film and TV world, and they, too agree that skincare is less of hard work and more of smart work.They recommend reviving the age-old dadi ma ke nuskhe (grandma's tips), especially during the harsh summer months. From haldi (turmeric) to besan (gramflour) and aloe vera, these women swear by natural facepacks, which are easy to prepare at home, to keep their skin nourished. We get them to share their beauty secrets.




You sweat more in summer, and oil builds up on your skin. So, I keep my face hydrated using a mist every few hours. I make a batch for two weeks and store it in the refrigerator. Distilled water, glycerine and fresh aloe vera is what I add to prepare a potion that soothes the skin in this harsh summer. To nourish my face, I also use a face mask every two weeks. Mix egg whites, lemon and turmeric, and your mask is ready. Eggs are rich in protein, while lemon helps fight tanning. Moreover, I'm a fan of Korean beauty products that don't have chemicals. I use natural sheet masks that have aloe vera, lime and ginger extracts. 




I have dry skin. So, I try to keep it moisturised. I use a water-based mask before sleeping to hydrate my skin and wake up to a nourished, glowing face. Drinking a lot of water is key during summer. I also consume one spoon of coconut oil every morning to stay healthy. In summer, I skip the foundation and go for a BB-cream instead. I choose organic products that are alcohol-free, and use homemade packs such as haldiand-yoghurt face mask, and a scrub made of oats and honey every now and then. 




My skin gets very oily in summer, so I have to be careful while choosing products. I use a sunscreen and primer everyday. I also get a tan very easily, so I use a home-made pack to combat that. I mix besan, lemon (very little), honey and curd, and use this pack regularly. Tomatoes are also good to remove tan, so you can rub slices of tomato or grind some and apply. Products can only help till a certain extent, so a good diet is very important. 



I have a sun allergy so I try to avoid the sun as much as I can. But when I can't, applying sunscreen, and drinking water and coconut water keeps me going. One thing that I often do during summer is to apply Multani mitti (Fuller's earth) - it's the best way to soothe and moisturise your skin in this weather. To the Multani mitti, I add rosewater or milk at times. In summer, your skin tends to get oily, so I make sure that I wash my face twice a day. 



I believe in exfoliation, and do it twice a day, as that helps you get rod of toxins and pollutants in your skin. To rejuvenate my skin, I apply cucumber paste. I blend sliced cucumbers and apply it on my face. Cucumber has antioxidants and soothes my skin. Sometimes, I also add rose petals to the paste. Rose water and aloe vera are a few of my favourites in this weather. Less is better, and nowadays, people should go for natural products as much as possible. And for makeup during summer, I don't use foundation, and opt only for a primer. I use loads of highlighter and mascara to highlight my features.