Furious Mallika eliminates contestant!

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Mumbai, Oct. 17 -- Mallika Sherawat might be known to be a drama queen, but it seems she can be tough if the situation requires it.    

Recently, a contestant on her reality show, Bachelorette India, invited her wrath after he allegedly behaved inappropriately with her staff member.    

The angered actor took a swift decision and eliminated him from the show.    

An insider says, "One of the participants - Saurabh Siddeshwari - who earlier had rubbed Mallika the wrong way by hugging her awkwardly on their first meeting, once again tested her patience. First, he tried to be over-friendly with Mallika and handed her his phone number. And then he crossed the line when he wrote a letter to one of Mallika's female staff member. The note read 'I am lonely'and was signed with his contact number but not his name." When the matter was brought to Mallika's notice, she interrogated him. The source says, "Mallika was extremely disturbed by this behaviour, and when she learnt it was Saurabh who was the culprit, she eliminated him immediately." Bachelorette India is the first reality show that Mallika has been a part of. It features men competing against each other in a bid to win a date with the actor.