Women often don't get their due, says actress Malavika Mohanan

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Mumbai, March 8 -- Actor Malavika Mohanan is eagerly awaiting the release of her debut film, Beyond the Clouds, directed by Iranian film-maker Majid Majidi. Beyond the Clouds tells the story of a brother and sister, played by Ishaan Khatter and Malavika.


Talking about the film, she says, "I came on board when the shoot was about to begin. I didn't have much time to prepare for the film or work on my character as much as I wanted to. Working with a talented bunch of people was fabulous and Ishaan is quite the committed actor."


Malavika's father, K U Mohanan, is an accomplished cinematographer and has worked in many movies such as Don (2006), Raees (2017) and Talaash (2012). However, the actor admits she wasn't exposed much to the industry before her film happened. 


"I did visit the sets when my dad was shooting with Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan, but I was not looking at how things worked on a film set. I wasn't that enamoured as a teenager. Today, after doing a film, I find it amazing that so many talented people have come together to create a story," she says.


When asked what she thinks of the current role of women in films, Malavika says, "Women don't get their due at work. Having said that, we are growing from strength to strength. There have been many changes at workplaces over the years. When I would visit film sets with my dad about 15 years ago, they would primarily be populated by men. But in my film, there were many women working in various departments, and some were even heading departments. I have seen change come about, but we still have a long way to go. As for women calling the shots on a film set, it was Shareen Mantri Kedia who put Beyond the Clouds together. She pursued Majidi sir and took the idea to him. There were many others who worked on the film, but this project would not have been possible without her."