Arbaaz proposes, Malaika refuses!

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New Delhi, April 20 -- In a recent chat with us, filmmaker Arbaaz Khan had said that his wife, Malaika Arora Khan, known for her sizzling dance performances in films, will probably cut down on work outside their home production, and dance only in films that he makes.

"She probably wants to decrease doing this (working outside the family). I guess when she did Munni Badnaam Hui (her item song in his 2010 film Dabangg), she thought that since she started out with an item number, Chaiyaa Chaiyaa (Dil Se), this will be something similar. But then, so many of her friends like Sajid (Khan) and Farah (Khan) asked her to do songs for their films, which she did as she shares a good bond with them. I am not too sure if she would like to work outside anymore now," he had said.

However, when we asked Malaika about this, she sounded surprised, and said, "I have never claimed that I will not be a part of films made by other production houses. I have done numbers for so many other films in the past as well. This is not the case at all. I love dancing and the process of making a song."

The 41-year-old, however adds that she would never take up a full-fledged role in a film. "I don't enjoy acting. It is not something I am crazy about. I like to be a part of songs and dance numbers in films, but acting has never really interested me," she says.

Despite many saying that item numbers encourage objectification of women, Malaika says that she does not agree. "I think everyone has their own way of looking at things. I have been a part of such songs and all I can say is that I enjoy what I do. So, I don't look at these songs like that. Also, I feel that at the end of the day, you can't please everyone," says the actor.