Mahesh Bhatt's new discovery..

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Mumbai, Dec. 12 -- Mahesh Bhatt has launched many Bollywood actors, including popular stars such as Kangana Ranaut and Bipasha Basu. Now, with his next production, Khamoshiyan, the filmmaker is giving a break to two newbies - actor Sapna Pabbi and director Karan Darra. The latter happens to be his nephew.

"If you see a beautiful girl at a party, you automatically want to know more about her. Similarly, for films, a new face works as an instrument to attract audiences," says Bhatt adding, "The audience is very generous in the discovery phase of an actor. So that's an added advantage."

Sapna, who has starred in a TV show earlier, plays a femme fatale named Meera in the film. She is shown to have a knack for seducing men, and does not hesitate to go as far as even killing them. "When she walked in, it was like a light bulb went off. It was like a 'gotcha!' moment. Her eyes are shrouded with mystery," explains Bhatt. Ask him what he feels about Sapna's Bollywood prospects and he says, "Sapna will hurl herself into the skies with new work. But whether she will stay at that height depends on the energy she will draw out (sic)."

Produced by Vishesh Films and presented by Fox Star Studios, Khamoshiyan releases on January 30.