Bhatt wants to make biopic on Saina!

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Mumbai, May 27 -- There's good news for all Saina Nehwal fans. A Bollywood biopic may be made on the ace shuttler's life, soon. Following an interview of the 24-year-old badminton player that appeared in HT, in which she said that she wanted a film to be made on her life, veteran film-maker Mahesh Bhatt has said that he would like to make that film.    

"I am exploring the possibility of making a film on Saina. Her story is fascinating. She is an international icon," says Bhatt, speaking to us. In her interview, Saina had said that her story "would inspire many young people". Interestingly, the 64-year-old film-maker seems to agree with that. "People who have seen the dark, hard and tough side of life, and have achieved success in spite of all odds, have always interested me. These days when we are talking about gender equality, seeing more girl achievers is fantastic," he says.    

On hearing Bhatt's plan, an elated Saina says, "It is a huge privilege that a film-maker of his stature is considering making a film on me." When asked who she would want to see playing her on screen, the self-confessed Bollywood buff says, "It would be great if Deepika Padukone plays me on screen."

Explaining her choice, the Hyderabad based player points to the fact that the actor and her old friend, who is badminton legend Prakash Padukone's daughter, has a natural connect with the game. "I have seen Deepika play badminton once. She is an amazing player," Saina had told us earlier.