Mahakshay: Martial arts has made me more confident

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New Delhi, Nov. 4 -- Actor Mahakshay Chakraborty recently went to Bangkok to learn mixed martial arts and he is ecstatic after his trip because he made good friends in the city.

"Going to Bangkok to learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and meeting new friends has been a great experience. I am so glad I went there. All my new friends made me feel at home. I trained with them and even though they are far more specialised in the art than I am, they never made me feel less confident," says Mahakshay who has worked in films such as Jimmy(2008), Haunted 3D (2011) and Enemmy (2013)

The actor is happy with his newly acquired talent, which has changed him as a person. "MMA is my life today, it has not just got me raring to go but also made me so much fitter and confident," he says.