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Lisa Ray has fought back her disease... remaining cheerful!

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New Delhi, Sept. 24 -- Lisa Ray may have charmed many with her acting skills in Bollywood, but very few know that this actor is a self-confessed bookworm, who keeps huge stacks of books by her side. 
And fuelled by the desire for the written word, she has decided to pen a book on poetry.
"I think, I'm a writer, who accidentally became an actor. Writing has always been my parallel passion. My father is Bengali, so reading has been a part of my upbringing. In fact, as a child, I was an introvert and tried to figure out a profession that would have the least possible human contact. Thus, I wanted to be a writer. But my life got diverted," says the actor popular for her roles in Kasoor (2001), Water (2005).
And not just reading, Lisa like a true Bong, loves the celebrations that surround the Durga Puja festival. 
Reminiscing her childhood memories associated with the festival, she says, "I grew up in Canada till I was 16. Thereafter, I ended up in Mumbai. Even though we were not in Kolkata for Pujo, we would celebrate it, while staying abroad. Bengalis in Toronto would get together and my favourite was the khichdi made [at the pandal]."
However, on her recent trip to Delhi, she decided to give pandal-hopping a miss. "I'll be chilling with my friends here. I'm taking a few days off and will go for a walk in Nizamuddin," she says.
Lisa was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009 and has fought back the disease with strength, remaining cheerful always. She doesn't feel the need to face work pressure. "Cancer has made me brave to pursue things I couldn't even think before. There is a reason I have always said no to out-and-out commercial projects, because it didn't resonate with me. As a Bengali, money is not everything. We believe in art, discussing world's problems, solving them," she adds.