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Lisa eyes return to Bollywood!

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Mumbai, Aug. 14 -- Lisa Ray, 42, who took a sabbatical from her acting career owing to her illness (she was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment), may be returning to films soon.

The actor hasn't indicated interest in any projects yet, but ahead of her return to India, she has been re-establishing old relationships with industry folk.

A source close to Lisa reveals, "She is moving to Mumbai for good in October. She's in Canada now for the last leg of her treatment, and will keep going there on and off. In between, she had got lots of offers, but couldn't commit to any specific timelines." However, film-makers remain keen on working with her.

"She's already getting offers as a few people know that she's moving back. She's bought an apartment in Bandra. She even shot a commercial with Hrithik Roshan recently," adds the source.

When contacted, Lisa confirms the development, saying "It's been a wonderful journey for me so far. I was away from India due to health reasons that were unforeseen. I'm grateful for all the work I did internationally. Now I am coming back to India as it has always been a very important part of my life."

About the projects she was approached for while she was away, the actor adds, "I couldn't commit to them because of the given situation. I look forward to doing some great work with like-minded people once again."