Our Pick: Lisa Haydon is the best styled actress of 2014!

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Lisa Haydon, best known for her supporting role in Queen, is definitely and undoubtedly the most stylish actress of this year!

She started her career in Bollywood with Aisha in 2010, with a small role of Aarti Menon. But she was forgotten easily, maybe not even noticed. But when she came along in Queen, where she played Vijaylakshmi, a French born and brought up woman, she was not only noticed but absolutely drooled over!

“Queen” was pretty much the most popular and loved film of the year, and Lisa’s comeback was quite a bang! Besides the wonderful, touching and inspiring story and Kangana’s commendable acting, what really caught everyone’s eyes were those long, sexy legs, a very hot tan and that French accent.

Haydon brought a very fresh, casual, European fashion to the screen, which was a great change! From bright colours like blushing orange that contrasted so well with her skin, to loose crop tops that gave her quite some freedom, her bra straps, her shortest shorts, and those boots! Heck, she even partied in those! She had a natural, effortless and carefree look throughout the film. Her hair was always down and she was one girl who just wanted to live life her own way!

Lisa was so impressive, that she quickly bagged her second film in 2014 as the lead actress! “The Shaukeens” also starred Akshay Kumar in a special role, but the film revolved around Lisa’s absolutely crazy character. Once again, she portrayed a carefree girl who lived life to the fullest. This time, though, she did it slightly differently. She looked sizzling in her boho beach girl avatar, and once again took the audience by breath with her looks and her clothes.  This time, however, the film did extremely badly, which did overshadow everything else. The story was weak and the character she played was kind of ridiculous.

But we are looking for more of this irresistibly stylish girl, and are hoping that she puts her acting career on the right track! We do feel she’s not quite ready yet for the lead role, but the girl is definitely a style statement in her own.