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Kunal Kohli's treat for his crew!

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Mumbai, Dec. 25 -- Kunal Kohli, who is making his acting debut in a film that he is also co-directing, will treat his crew to a Christmas dinner. He had placed a bet, claiming that they wouldn't be able to wrap up the London schedule of the film before December 25. "However, he lost the bet, so he is taking the entire team out," says a source close to Kunal.

Apprehensions about completing the shoot had cropped up because of the extreme cold in London when they were shooting. "Also, people there start celebrating Christmas early, and since locals were in the team, he thought they would miss the deadline. However, they managed to wrap up and return to Mumbai last week itself. So, Kunal will treat about 18 people to dinner at a city hotel," says the source.

When contacted, Kunal confirms the development, saying, "We were planning and shooting in London for almost two months. I was concerned about the deadline, but I am happy to be proved wrong, and as per the bet, I'm taking everyone out for dinner."