Bhushan Kumar gifts song to Kunal Kohli!

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Mumbai, Feb. 26 -- Film-maker Kunal Kohli, who is now set to make his acting debut with his next directorial venture has received a song as a gift.

Bhushan Kumar, the chairman and managing director of T-Series, which is also the music partner of the film, has asked Kunal to use a song called 'Rozana' that was apparently made for some other movie.

Kunal is making a comeback on the big screen almost three years after his film, Teri Meri Kahaani (2012).

A source close to the filmmaker says, "He is working hard on every aspect of the film and since music is one of the integral parts of it, he wanted to be more careful. So, when he made Bhushan listen to his script, he offered Kunal 'Rozana'."

After Kunal heard the song, he was overwhelmed by Bhushan's gesture.

When contacted, Bhushan confirmed the development, saying, "Kunal came to us with a few songs composed for the film. When I heard a particular situation while listening to the script, I asked him I to take 'Rozana', which went perfectly with the situation. I think it can blend well with the film, and it takes the story forward."