Kunal Kapoor: No mystery attached to actors anymore..

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While it’s necessary for actors to market themselves in this age of social media, Kunal Kapoor feels this phenomenon has diminished the sense of mystery associated with actors.

“Now, that (the sense of mystery) is impossible, because you are seen everywhere, right from restaurants to airports,” says the actor, adding that people aren’t looking for mysterious actors anymore. “They are looking for actors they can relate to. The more they can relate to people, the more they can like them.”

Besides acting, Kunal reveals that he is also developing scripts of his own. “I believe in good writing and I have always had a flair for it. I like ideating, thinking about different stories. I have grown up that way and it has influenced me in a big way,” he says.

Ask him if he would like to explore direction, and the actor is quick to say, “Eventually, I would love to. But for the time being, I would like to explore short films. This medium is interesting.”

The Rang De Basanti (2006) actor’s next film is being released in Malayalam, Hindi and English. Kunal says films in different languages are getting the recognition they deserve. “I think most regional language films — Punjabi and Marathi movies, for example — are making so much money. That is because they have unique content. Secondly, I believe that there are more avenues for regional cinema today,” he says.

The Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities (2004) actor also says that content-based movies are doing well these days, which wasn’t the case earlier.

“The films that are working today probably wouldn’t have made the cut a few years ago. I have always looked at cinema as not just a medium for entertainment, but as a medium that can bring about social change as well. Those are the kind of movies that excite me — the ones that make you think,” he says.