Kriti Sanon walks out of Singh Is Bling!

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    INR 55.81 Cr.
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By Tulsi, News Network

The 24-year old is just one film old, and she’s got some serious guts! She has decided not to do the Prabhudeva film Singh is Bling, where she stars opposite Akshay Kumar.

Now, is it really a smart thing to do to leave a chance to work with the Khiladi of Bollywood when you are new?

She says: "I'm not doing 'Singh Is Bling' now. I think you all must have read. The film was getting delayed for many reasons. Now when the film is starting, its dates are clashing with my other projects, so I chose not to do it.

Kriti was really keen on doing the film! “I was preparing a lot for the film. Akshay Kumar and Prabhudheva are a team that you always want to be a part of.”

But the actress doesn’t regret her decision.