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Kriti Sanon: Most promising actor with Engineering degree!

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Mumbai, Sept. 24 -- Kriti Sanon might be one of the most promising young actors in Bollywood right now, but not many know that she is a certified engineer with a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication. 
In fact, she never went to acting school before she did her first film. Looking back, Kriti says she would have trained as an actor if she knew she would love acting so much. 
"I wish I knew that I was passionate about it [acting]. I think a lot of us don't realise our passions for a very long time. At the start, all of us sort of follow the herd. I felt I was good at academics, and then I thought I liked science so I went for engineering. Then, I thought I liked computer science more, but I eventually hated it (smiles). But thankfully, I got electronics and computer engineering," she says.
Kriti says she didn't know what her was passion was for a long time. She says, "If I knew what I was passionate about earlier, I would definitely have studied acting and become a better actor. I would have been more prepared when I came to the industry and that would have definitely helped me with my performances."
The Bareilly Ki Barfi actor feels she is fortunate that she realised her passion. 
"There are so many people who work all their lives and still don't know what they want. I think I said it at the HT Scholarship event that one should just experience a lot of things. So, try out different things that you haven't tried yet. Whether its scuba diving, skydiving or learning an instrument - you should try everything, as you don't know [what you will like] until you try it," she says.
Kriti feels she fortunately discovered her passion "by chance" while doing advertisements. 
"I thought of modelling out of the blue. It was a very filmi scenario when I randomly sent my pictures for a contest. So I think destiny does bring you where you eventually have to be. But sometimes, you need to wake yourself up and realise your passions on your own," the actor says.