Kriti Sanon: I've grown a lot..

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New Delhi, Sept. 25 -- Actor Kriti Sanon is basking in the glory of her latest hit, Bareilly Ki Barfi. However, the actor says it feels as bad when a film fails to do well at the box office. 
Earlier this year, Kriti's much hyped film, Raabta, where she was paired alongside Sushant Singh Rajput, tanked at the box-office.
However, Kriti says, despite the film's failure, she got to learn a lot along the way. "As an actor, I have grown a lot while I was prepping for the film because it did have a lot for me to do in terms of learning how dual characters work," says Kriti. 
In fact she credits her journey of working in the film as a "really good one". "I don't sit back and sulk. Failure and success are a part of your whole career path. I feel that it's the process you need to enjoy," she adds.
Asked if the number game at the box-office really takes on an actor's mind before or after its release, Kriti says, it's something beyond one's control. "I personally feel that you can't predict a Friday, so I don't bother much. As an actor or even as a filmmaker, you can't control it [the number]. The only thing that is in your hands is to give your best and also to do a film for the right reason. One should never sign a film on a whim," she says.