Commercial films don't attract Konkona Sen

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New Delhi, Oct. 21 -- Actor Konkona Sen Sharma's work in content driven films such as Page 3 (2005) and Talvar (2015) has turned her into a bankable star.

"I have done all kinds of films in my career, but I was never brought up watching mainstream films or identifying with the Hindi commercial cinema of the 80s or 90s. It is not something that I naturally identified with or was even inclined towards. So, I don't think we were a good fit for each other," says Konkona, who won a National Award for the movie, Mr And Mrs Iyer (2002).

"Although I have done some interesting roles in commercial films, for which I am grateful, I have to do other work too, so as to be true to myself," she adds.

Konkona, who has been part of mainstream films such as Life in a ...Metro (2007), Aaja Nachle (2007) and Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge (2010), is happy with the kind of place she has made for herself in the industry.

"I know the kind of industry we are working in. I did not come here thinking that everything is going to be amazing. I know the industry is market driven and extremely star driven in terms of key decisionmaking. Within that, I have found a space of my own and I am very happy with that," she says.

However, she does agree that certain things need to change when it comes to filmmaking. "There has to be a space for some kind of experimentation and risk-taking in our cinema. Sometimes, being associated with a particular genre can be good, but it should not define parameters. Even if there is one film that just might provide something different and fresh, we immediately start talking about trends," she says.