Kirron Kher: 'I am not a typical wife'

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Mumbai, Feb. 24 -- Two-time National Award winner, Kirron Kher, has never done a film with her husband Anupam Kher. But the duo will soon be seen together on the big screen, playing a couple for the first time.

"We've worked in theatre before. So it was nice to work with him again," says Kirron.    

Talking about their relationship, she adds, "I am not a typical wife. We are two friends who live together. We love each other, but I don't do the usual things that wives normally do for their husbands, like giving medicines on time, or making sure the clothes are ironed or dry-cleaned."    

Ask her how Anupam is as a husband and she says, "He's a very easy-going person. There is nothing that he expects you to do. He likes his peace and chooses to do his work in his space."

She adds that although she enjoys spending time with Anupam, during the shooting of the film, they both preferred to have their separate spaces. "You want a separate make-up room, among other things. We'd shoot scenes at different times. Since his scenes were filmed mostly in the night, he'd return home in the morning, while I shot in the day. In the hotel, we'd sleep in separate bedrooms with an interconnecting door, so we don't disturb each other."    

In the film, Kirron plays a mom who's looking for a match for her daughter. Ask her if she's likely to be a mother-in-law in real life anytime soon, and she says, "I have told Sikander to find a girl fast. I want a daughter-in-law who is educated, decent, loving, cheerful and milansaar (congenial), as we say in Punjab."