Lucky to work with Bollywood's finest: Kiara

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New Delhi, March 24 -- Actor Kiara Advani is on a career high - she has shot for a Karan Johar film, her Telugu debut with southern superstar Mahesh Babu is releasing soon, she'll start shooting for another Telugu film, and there are rumours that she will soon sign Housefull 4 too. 


"Patience really pays off. It's important to wait and be sure of the film you are signing," says Kiara, who was last seen in Machine (2017). 


Super excited for the chance to be directed by Karan in Bombay Talkies 2, the actor says, "I feel absolutely thrilled. I mean, he could have taken any other actor and anybody would have loved to work with him. But he chose me as the protagonist for the film that he was directing [out of the four short films in the movie] and that makes me feel so special and confident about myself. I can't be more grateful for this opportunity." 


There were reports that since Kiara's career was not moving at a steady pace, she sought help from Karan, who happily agreed to mentor her and help her get more work. 


Dodging the actual question, she says, "The struggle has definitely been difficult and a lot works on recommendations too, but looking at my journey, I know talent sustains. I've been here for four years and been fortunate that some good filmmakers worked with me. I have no complaints or regrets." 


While most actors crave to work with big banners and top filmmakers, Kiara says she wants to work with those she has faith in. 


"I prefer to work with directors I believe in and whose work I admire. I've been very lucky that I've been chosen by Neeraj Pandey (MS Dhoni: The Untold Story; 2016), Karan Johar, and Abbas Mustan (Machine) to be a part of their films. I trust that they were good for me." Asked if she has signed Housefull 4, Kiara remains tight-lipped and replies, "No comments on that. I've not signed it yet and when I do sign a film, I'll surely announce it."