Kiara: This year has been very special!

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Mumbai, July 30 -- This year, actor Kiara Advani will host a birthday bash "after a long time". Why? She says that she wants to be with everyone who has made her life special.

The actor says, "It has been a very special year, and it started on a great note. My first Telugu film Bharat Ane Nenu with Mahesh Babu did so well and Lust Stories changed the whole graph of my career. And, I am working on really interesting projects. So, I have decided to throw a party after a long time. For my last few birthdays, I was either travelling or just with my family on my birthday. This time, I want to be with everyone who has made my life special," says Kiara.

"The party will be in Mumbai with my family, friends and people from the industry I am particularly close to. It's sort of a gettogether that I am totally looking forward to," she adds.

Is she expecting any surprises on her birthday? She laughs, before saying that whatever her parents, Jagdip Advani and Jaanam Advani, and brother, Mishaal Advani, gift her is always very special. 

"My father is my Santa Claus. He goes out of his way to do something wonderful. My mum is no different. I think she is our full-time Santa Claus (laughs), as she is always giving us something or the other. They have always been there for me, and I want to make them happy by spending more time with them, as I know that is what they want," she says.