Kiara Advani's aim: Balancing Hindi & regional films..

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NEW DELHI, April 22 -- With just three Bollywood films in her kitty - one hit and two flops - actor Kiara Advani is now trying her luck in regional cinema. 

Her debut Telugu film, Bharat Ane Nenu, which also stars Mahesh Babu, released this week. She has her fingers crossed, hoping that this transition from Bollywood to South will help up her game in Hindi cinema as well. "I would be able to reach out to a much larger audience," she says.

Kiara considers herself lucky that the Telugu film audience had already seen her work."MS Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) was released in all languages and was dubbed in Tamil and Telugu, too. So, they were very familiar with me when I went there. I want to know the reactions of those people [now]," says the actor, who also starred in Bollywood films, Fugly (2014), and Machine (2017).

She has also signed another Telugu film with Ram Charan, and hopes to balance her career in Bollywood and Telugu films. 

"I am doing another Bollywood film, which would be announced in a while. So, I am very well able to manage my work. The reason I took two back-to-back films in Telugu was because both the offers were so exciting - the role, character, script, director - when you get a project like this, which is so perfect, and you know you can manage your dates, you just take it up without thinking much. Also, I feel this is the age to do it all," says Kiara.

To be able to do more work in regional cinema is the actor planning to learn the local language, too? "I'd love that. So far, I learned my dialogues, mugged up my lines and picked accents. I focused more on understanding the emotions and get my expressions right. I am sure with a couple of films, I'd be able to understand the language also," she shares, adding, "I've always believed that doing good work is the most important thing and language should never be a barrier."