Must-read: Katrina's interview on love and relationships!

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By Tulsi, News Network

Katrina Kaif is finally opening up and coming out of her shell. A shell that she has been in way too long! And we are loving this new, beaming, confident Kat!

Here’s Katrina talking about love and post-break up status in detail… We are proud of this woman and the way she is taking the break-up!

What’s your take on love now?

My take on love is never going to change. I feel my views on love have grown and evolved. I have learned to deal with relationships, people, learnt to be less selfish, more giving, more supportive of a person’s dreams, more supportive of a person’s internal growth apart from your own and understanding the person better. That comes with maturity but your belief in love, your conviction in love, the passion that you feel when you are in love, the integrity that you believe and hope for out of love, hopefully, for me, will always be the same.

Aren’t you off love, now?

I can never be off love for good, nor can I become cynical about it. Nothing and nobody can put me off love. (Smiles quizzically). Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I have no reason to be cynical about absolutely anything in life. I have only seen the beauty and the most beautiful parts of life and I see only beauty in life and love.

Are you happy right now?

I aim to be happy in every moment of my life and that’s something we should all try for. I am very emotional and my emotions are very transparent, of course. You should always be true to yourself. As long as you know your feelings, the fact that I choose to, in my professional capacity, not allow that personal space to come in front or stand alongside with me on my professional work or platform, this is an aspect (personal life) that will remains there, always. I don’t think I am the only person to take this stand in Bollywood or Hollywood.

Isn’t it ironic that during your Valentine release you will be single?

No… Wasn’t it me who said that I am single till I marry (laughs)? So we must always stand by our statements and as technically my status is unmarried. So, I guess I am still single!

When will you get married?

Whenever God wills it. I think you have to leave these things, your destiny and what is meant for you in the hands of God. Keep your faith and your trust in God.

You seem cheerful, when the world is seeing you as someone dealing with a breakup.

See, now we are discussing an assumption on my personal life, which I am not going to be dragged into. I am not going to step into that arena because I know it’s a tough stand to take, but I am just not going to speak about my personal life. I know there are times and moments when people say that I said or did this so why are you not speaking now? But let’s take a larger look at the picture — I have never spoken about my personal life and I choose to maintain that even now because I want people to focus on my profession. When I am an actor or a spokesperson for an international luxury brand, I am being hired in a professional capacity. I need to protect that identity. Speculation is a garnishing that comes with the profession of being an actor, it’s not something that I believe one should get caught up in.