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Katrina's on a high!

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Mumbai, Nov. 27 -- The Dhoom theme song has been a recurring trademark in the biker franchise since Thai singer Tata Young sang it in the first film in 2004. The third version of the title song, which features Katrina Kaif performing on gymnastic rings and loops, was launched mid-November and has been attracting eyeballs on YouTube since then.

Although comparisons were drawn between Katrina's outfits and those worn by Beyonce and Priyanka Chopra in their respective videos, the actor is happy that the title track has received over five million views.

"I am glad that the song is being loved, since a lot of work went into it. It has been shot in an international style and format. It focuses on fun, style, presentation and especially the dance steps," says Katrina.     

She admits to have trained for the moves used in the number. "I don't think I've ever trained and worked so much for a song. Aamir and I shot a scene using a tiny loop, where there were no harnesses and we were hoisted to a height of 20 ft. That was probably the scariest thing for me," says Katrina.