Katrina on TZH: I'm extremely happy!

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Mumbai, Jan. 22 -- She is clearly on a roll. After all, Katrina Kaif has just had one of the biggest blockbusters of all times - Tiger Zinda Hai (TZH; 2017). 
Not just that, the actor has an enviable line-up in 2018 as well, with films such as Thugs of Hindostan (TOH) with Aamir Khan, and Zero alongside Shah Rukh Khan. "Am I happy and content at this place? Yes," says Katrina, as she talks about success, working with Salman and Akshay Kumar etc.
You must be really kicked with the humongous success of TZH...
Of course, as an actor, you want every film of yours to succeed. It's always wonderful when any movie of yours becomes successful because people work really hard on a film. So, you want the film to receive appreciation. I genuinely feel that a movie like Tiger Zinda Hai deserves this kind of success because it is a good film. It means a lot to me. It's important for any actor to have a successful movie. So, I am extremely happy. My track record with Aditya Chopra's production house has been always really positive. And I hope it continues in that vein.
You also have a great lineup ahead of you.
You know, what I'm really happy and excited about is that all the roles that I am doing are very different from each other. All the films have interesting characters for me. I am very excited about getting into those worlds.
Your characters in all the three films - TZH, TOH and Zero - are diametrically opposite to each other. Right?
Yes. I was very surprised with the experience of working with Aanand L Rai (director of Zero). When I am on sets, he is only focusing on me. Plus, he gives me a lot of time. That kind of attention, or love and nourishment is wonderful and I am super happy in that space. As for TOH, I love Victor sir (Vijay Krishna Acharya) as a director. And yes, I enjoy working with Aamir. I think he is one of the most genius minds we have in cinema. And TZH is one of my best films and it also involved people who I am most fond of - Ali [Abbas Zafar] and Salman. Plus, these are the people I love working with as they are passionate about their work.
Do you feel happy that your pairing with Salman has again been appreciated and accepted by the audience?
I am really happy because Ali was very keen to make this sequel and so, I wanted the film and the story to be special. Plus, I also wanted the chemistry between Tiger and Zoya to work again after the first instalment. For me, it means a lot that people have liked it, and that particular aspect has worked so well.
You are a big star with lots of fame and adulation now. So, what keeps you going with as much passion and zeal even now?
I think I am a fighter by nature. I am a person who needs to have goals and must be active. Physically too, I am very active. Also, I am not married and don't have a family right now. Being in a relationship, having a family or kids provides a kind of balance [in life], which is also important. But if you don't have all of that, then all your energy is focused on your work. I feel when you get up in the morning; you need to have some goals and a plan to work towards. If you are not moving forward, then you are dying.
When you see newer actors entering the industry, does it keeps you on your toes?
More than anything, it makes me happy. But it's a wrong notion and a flawed concept that I must work harder just because new actors are coming in. You should work hard on your own regardless of whether 10 newcomers are entering the industry or you are the only person in it. I feel you work hard if it's in your DNA to work hard and if that's your work ethic.
Among the newer faces, you are apparently close to Alia Bhatt...
I feel proud of the work that Alia is doing. Honestly, I don't know others very well. Are there movie roles and may be a few endorsements that are going to Alia now, for which I would have been the first choice? 100 per cent. And is that the way things work or the way things should work? Yes, they should. She is 22 and I am not. You must accept the fact that life is constantly moving. Every day, we are moving forward. I am not 21; does that take away from me? Do I feel threatened by it? Not at all! It's the process of life and we have to embrace a new place now. And I hope there are new and exciting things for me to do. I hope film-makers see this phase or the person that I am today. And I hope they get excited to make spaces for me - in my current capacity - in their films.