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Katrina looks disappointing in the second walk of Cannes!

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By Tulsi, News Network

Kat looked gorgeous yesterday, though her dress was really not up to the mark. But today, even her natural charm and glamour cannot make up for her disappointing look for her big walk on Day 2 of the festival!

Here she is in a red Elie Saab creation. She’s once again wearing a body-fit mermaid dress, and this time her hair is poker-straight. We think that she could have done so, so much better!

In an interview that happened just before she left for Cannes, she said: “It's the first time I'll be visitng Cannes itself, so walking at the film festival for L'Oreal is even more special."

Well, you aren’t really doing justice to it, are you? All eyes were on you, and I’d rather close mine!