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Katrina Kaif: It's okay if it causes a circus

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Mumbai, April 27 -- Katrina Kaif has had a busy year, juggling three films - with directors Abhishek Kapoor, Kabir Khan and Anurag Basu - due to which she has been more reclusive than ever.

As a result, her personal life - especially her alleged relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor - makes news more often than her movies do. "When they are up for release, they will draw more attention. I do think they (her films) get written about a lot. As for my personal life, I think it is normal for people to want to know more," she says.

Here, the actor, who will make her first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival next month, shares her plans for the event, justifies her film choices, and more.

It is fairly obvious now that Ranbir and you are together.

You have been spotted on holidays and family dinners. Even his father, actor Rishi Kapoor, has acknowledged that you are living together. A one-word confirmation wouldn't hurt, right?

If you say yes to one thing, you will have to answer 25 more questions. Whether I should say something, and when I will, is for me and the person involved to decide.

And you've promised to tell the media when you get married...

Not when I do, but when I plan to. You'll know beforehand. And it's okay if it causes a circus, because no one means any harm.

You haven't done films that generally travel to foreign festivals. Is that kind of cinema not something that interests you?

If the story connects with me, I'll do it. I won't sign a film just because I think it will get credibility at film festivals.

What we mean is, your choices have been largely mainstream so far...

Yes, I guess at heart I must be a mainstream kind of person. That's what connects with me. But if there are things that come in between... for instance, I don't think films like New York (2009) and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011; ZNMD) have necessarily been mainstream. I think I have been fortunate that audiences have found something they connect with me, so they come to watch my films.

You have some big hits to your credit, and you have worked with top actors. But there is yet to be that one film where you blow people away with your performance. Does that bother you?

It bothers me that that is your opinion, but I feel it is not the opinion of too many people. I have been praised for ZNMD, Raajneeti (2010), New York and Namaste London (2007), but maybe everyone was just being kind.

It is going to be your first time at Cannes. What's on the agenda?

I have a very cut-to-cut schedule. There is an ad film to be shot, a premiere to attend, and interviews to give. Also, I am going there in the middle of my film schedule, so I can't be away for too long. Next year, maybe, I'll plan it with more time.

You've often said that aside from major events, you don't like dressing up. Isn't that unusual for someone who started off as a model?

Unless I am being photographed, I look like I am either rolling into bed or out of it. Even as a model, I would wear trackpants and T-shirts while travelling to my shows. Now, as and when I need to dress up, I enjoy it, so it feels special too.

Since you're going to Cannes as a L'Oreal Paris brand ambassador, you will have access to practically every designer in the world. Are you taking personal interest in your outfits?

Stylists always show us a selection. I always have a say. We aren't models; we're actors. And as actors, we need to wear things that reflect our personality.