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Katrina Kaif: I believe Salman would help me..

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Mumbai, Sept. 22 -- Known to be a private person, Katrina Kaif often keeps her opinions and relationships to herself, but caught in a communicative mood, here, the actor gets candid about her equation with Salman Khan and his family, and her sister, Isabelle's upcoming acting debut.

Of late, quite a few reports of Salman 'helping' you have surfaced...

Are you in touch with his family?

I am in touch with Alvira (Salman's sister). She has been like a sister to me. We had a very deep connection, and that [equation] still remains. That's why, I am in touch with her on a regular basis. She is someone who will always be dear to me.

You missed out on the Ganpati celebrations at Salman's place this year.

I was shooting that day, so I couldn't go. Alvira had sent me a message, These reports of me calling him for help etc., aren't true. I don't call him every second day or every time there is a problem. But if I was ever in trouble or if I ever needed help from someone, I believe he is the kind of person, who would help a friend or anyone who has been close to him. And I believe that he would help me. but since I was working, I couldn't be part of it (the celebrations).

You must be excited about Isabelle's movie debut.

She herself is very excited about it. The premiere went really well in the US. She is amazingly talented and has had four years of acting training. Plus, she is a trained dancer. The only thing is that she is yet to decide whether to put effort into learning the language (Hindi) for this industry, if that's what she wants to do.

Salman apparently said that Isabelle is more talented than you?

I am quite sure that's probably true (smiles). I have seen some of her tapes (auditions). She is a very good actor, who has been properly trained. And this is the kind of training I didn't have. So, I think Salman has said something right (laughs).

Reports were rife that you plan to launch Isabelle in Bollywood. Is this true?

In my opinion, and I might not be right, but she would benefit far more from [being part of a project by] an established producer/director as compared to me. Otherwise it will look like I am helping her. Someone, who has a credible name - production company or a director - will immediately elevate her and help her achieve what she wants.