Katrina Kaif: Clothes reflect an actor's personality

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New Delhi, April 27 -- Actor Katrina Kaif, who will be making her first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival next month, says that she has the final say in selecting her red carpet outfits.

"Stylists always show us a selection. I always have a say. We aren't models; we're actors. And as actors, we need to wear things that reflect our personality," says Kat, who is going to Cannes as a L'oreal Paris brand ambassador.

Interestingly, the Bang Bang actor has often been quoted as saying that aside from major events, she doesn't like dressing up. Why is that? "Unless I am being photographed, I look like I am either rolling into bed or out of it. I have always been like that. Even as a model, I would wear track pants and T-shirts while travelling to my shows. Now, as and when I need to dress up, I enjoy it, so it feels special too," she says.