How Katrina shaped up for Dhoom:3!

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Mumbai, Dec. 13 -- Those who have seen the promos and songs of Dhoom:3 that feature Katrina Kaif, haven't failed to notice her body. But as they say, everything comes at a price. And to achieve this look, we've been informed that Katrina went through hours of training.    

"Everyone has been talking about how Katrina looks in the song 'Kamli'. Aamir Khan is also in the frame, but Katrina is the only one dancing. She has worked very hard to get the moves right," says a source close to the actor, adding, "She plays a gymnast, so she had some complex moves that needed a lot of strength, grace and flexibility. Even the action scenes required a lot of energy."    

To prepare for the role, the actor was put on a special diet and workout plan. "Apart from her regular trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala, another trainer from London, Reza Katani, was flown down. The latter specialises in training gymnasts and sportspersons," adds the source.    

The film's spokesperson confirms the story, saying, "Katrina worked extensively on this song and the results are fabulous."    


wo months before Dhoom:3's shooting began, Katrina Kaif started rigorous workout sessions to improve her flexibility and core strength. Her regimen included stretching, exercises for flexibility, acrobat training as well as other regular exercises. Two weeks prior to the shoot, she would put in close to 10 hours a day just for exercising and practising the choreography. Throughout this period, her diet excluded all kinds of oily, sweet and junk food, and featured more high-protein food items.