Fans distract Katrina Kaif!

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Mumbai, April 1 -- It is a known fact that fame and fan frenzy go hand in hand. It is no surprise that many fans go out of their way to get a glimpse of their favourite actors while they are shooting.

Unfortunately, this often causes problems for people on the sets, especially the actor, Katrina Kaif feels that the presence of too many fans at outdoor shoots is distracting.

"It all depends on the scene... sometimes, we are shooting the climax and then there are people who are shouting out my name. You like the audience, but at such times, they can get very distracting," says the Bollywood actor.

To stay focused, Katrina reveals that while working she only talks to select people. "When I am shooting my scenes, I prefer to interact only with the director. I feel that if I think about something else at that time, I will not be able to give my 100 per cent to the scene," she says.

The actor is currently shooting for director Abhishek Kapoor's next that also stars Aditya Roy Kapur. Although the two have not worked on a film before, they have shot for a commercial years back. "I was torturing Adi the other day when he reminded me of the ad we shot 11 years ago. I was the main model and he was one of the boys who was supposed to distract me. We found the ad online and we could not stop laughing," says Katrina.