Soha and I can chill, have a drink and chat, says Kareena Kapoor

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Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is all praise for her sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan and says she is very positive and is the rock of the family.

Saif, son of late Indian cricket captain Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and actress Sharmila Tagore, married Kareena last year. The actress says she shares a warm and friendly relation with Soha.

"We do not have that sister-in-law kind of a relation. Our family is very modern. Soha and me can chill, have a drink and talk. We are quite relaxed. Sometimes we talk often and sometimes we don't talk for two months. We are busy with our work, we travel," Kareena told PTI.

"Saif loves her and so do I. She is actually the rock of this family, she is intelligent, bright and she is always very positive and whenever we meet her we feel that way, she gives that (positive) vibe," she said.

Earlier, Soha too had said that her temperament is something that everyone in her family envies.

Though Kareena and Soha don't live in the same house, but whenever they meet they don't talk much about films and work.

"We don't talk about Bollywood films and other actors at all. That is the rule in my house."