Kareena does her bit for safety!

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Mumbai, Nov. 9 -- With the amount of reports coming in about harassment of women in cities and small towns across India, there has been a sudden spike in the number of apps being launched to help them feel safer as they commute.

A new app for women's safety, which was launched in the city a few days ago, saw Kareena Kapoor Khan step out to support the initiative.     

"This is an easy way to connect with your family when you are in trouble," says Kareena, adding that it will make calling for help handier at wee hours of the day. She is part of a growing crowd of celebrities who want the country to become safer for its female citizens. In the past, actor-film-maker Farhan Akhtar started an organisation to create awareness amongst men to instill gender equality and respect towards women. Recently, Jacqueline Fernandez too took part in an initiative marking the safety of ladies in Mumbai.     

Like several other apps in the market, one just needs to press a power button to send automatically generated messages to four numbers. Location details are tracked via GPS and also sent. Kareena says, "I'm happy to be associated with such an initiative. I'm happy that it has received great response. I hope with this can keep the women in our country a little safer."