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I asked Ranbir not to come over to our house at 2 am: Kareena

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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are two of the most talked about celebrities in the industry; now more so, as they find themselves at the top of a celebrity endorsement list.

But what do they talk to each other about?

We get Kareena to tell us more about the equation they share.

Do you meet Ranbir often?
We don’t meet [often]. Saif (Ali Khan; husband) and I don’t really meet anyone (laughs). We don’t ‘socialise’ with the industry. But on special occasions or major family events like Diwali or my grandmother’s birthday, we are always together.

When was the last time you had a chat with him?
Ranbir happened to dial my number by mistake when he was in South Africa. I think his phone was in his back pocket and mistakenly, the phone got dialled. I got a missed call at 2 in the morning. I called him the next day and asked, ‘Kareena, Why were you calling so late? What happened?’ He said, ‘I didn’t call you’. So I thought, ‘Chalo, isi bahaane baat toh ho gayi’ (at least we got to talk as a result).

So what did you two chat about?
It was fun. We talked [for a bit]. Ranbir loves to visit his friends at 2 am. So, he has threatened to come to our house for a drink. I told him, ‘Please come, but 2 baje raat ko mat aana (laughs; don’t come over at 2 in the night). Nobody is awake in my house [at that time]. We like to sleep by 12 am.

Now, Armaan Jain (cousin) is also entering Bollywood. Do you feel that your grandfather Raj Kapoor’s legacy will go ahead more strongly now?
Yes, it’s nice to have family (members) close. Earlier, it was just Karisma (Kapoor), and then it was me. Now, at least, there’s more family around. We don’t meet every day, but we are very close-knit. And since we all have the same genes, us Kapoors are very passionate about our work, acting, and of course, food (laughs).

Looks like, we are going to see more people from your family in the film industry (Armaan’s brother Aadar is also readying for a film career)…
We share a deep bond, of course. Acting and working in films is inherent for all of us. It’s a passion and most people don’t understand that it’s something that we love to do. It’s not like a nine-to-six job. It’s a joy for me to do a film because it’s in my blood. It’s not the be-all or end-all (of my career). So, I am very happy that all of us are together in the industry, at one point, and with no competition in mind (laughs).

Recently, Ranbir (Kapoor, cousin) and you have topped a celebrity endorsements list (first and second spot respectively). Do you feel you are competing with him in any way?
We come from the same industry, but two different generations altogether. So, competing with Ranbir would be unfair. But it feels nice and also goes to show that both of us are faces that people can relate to. I am happy about that.

Are you happy with two Kapoors being at the top of that list?
That’s the main thing I feel happy about. We are all very proud of our family. And we are delighted to see that Ranbir, especially, has done such amazing work in such a short time. Whether it’s in terms of his films or the brands he endorses, he has been around for such a small period but he has done great stuff. We kind of feel proud of each other.