Jennifer Winget finally happy after divorce with Karan Singh Grover!

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By Tulsi, News Network

If you have been following the Jennifer Winget-Karan Singh Grover story closely, you would know that Jennifer was never really over Karan, and has been going through a very rough stage. Especially since Karan started dating Bipasha!

So, how is Karan’s ex-wife dealing with the news of his wedding plans with Bipasha?

Pretty good, actually.

A close friend of Jennifer shared:

“Karan Singh Grover is a good friend but right now he is very busy in his love life… it keeps happening to him. Jennifer Winget has become a very good friend. She is a very strong girl and has come out (of the divorce trauma) with her grace intact. She is in a good phase now. I am proud of her.”

Well, we are so glad. Because everyone deserves happiness and nothing less!